Cultural Artifact

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Chose an everyday thing—on object, text, or product—and consider what it reveals about larger cultural values and practices. Unlike other research papers you may have written in which you begin by taking a position and then and looking for evidence to support your position, you’ll begin by carefully observing something, asking questions about its uses, meaning, and value, and then working your way to a conclusion about the artifact’s significance for understanding something about cultural meanings, practices or values.
You should identify a community you feel that you are a part of, select a cultural artifact from that community, and consider what it reveals about larger cultural values and practices related to literacy. Once you’ve come to your own conclusions, you’ll find a published text (be it scholarly article, news story, blog post, or something else) that assesses the same object or community. After
evaluating both the content and the rhetoric of the text, you’ll respond to it. You will use critical reading and response to present your own conclusions in a manner that’s innovative and appropriate for the conversation you’re joining. Your audience should come away from your essay having learned a new way to look at the artifact you’ve chosen as a focal point, and a new way to look at the taken- for-granted cultural value and literacy practices associated with that artifact.
This paper should include:
* A clear thesis about the value of your chosen artifact within a cultural group or community in relation to literacy
* Your detailed analysis as evidence to the value you are attributing to your cultural artifact
* Summary and evaluation of at least one outside source on the topic of your cultural artifact
or community.
* Your critical response to that author and audience of your chosen source that ties in to
your thesis.
* Be written in the form of 1st person narrative
* 3 pages
* do not include the memo part
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