CSR related research

1, Impacts of Value Added.

outline the goals and indicators for measuring development progress for a nation in which your selected corporation does business. Which ones are most important? How do they relate to the business of your corporation? Is the corporation working with integrity in this environment? Research the value adds the corporation is creating for the community and itself. What are the community reactions? How does this affect the corporation’s success?

2, Stakeholders, 

answer the following questions: How does your selected company involve its stakeholders in decisions? What has been your experience?

What do stakeholders report?

How do the reports of the different stakeholder groups differ?

How does the company manage opposing stakeholder interests?

How do corporate values and vision affect its decisions?

You should speak as a consumer(stakeholder). Provide examples.

3, Managing Responsibility

answer the following questions: How does your selected company manage

its reputation and corporate citizenship?

What is the company doing right?

Where can it improve?

What has your experience been?

What do other stakeholders report about the company’s citizenship and reputation?

What makes you remain a stakeholder?

requirement: write 400-500 words for each part, 1200-1500 words in total, and cite at least 2 resources for each part. No reference style preference.


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