CS 432 Modern Software Engineering Assignment #2

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CS 432 Modern Software Engineering

Assignment #2



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Use Case Diagram

   Content Knowledge

Demonstrates usage of:

Actor generalization relation «includes» and «extends» associations Use cases, actors, boundary, and communicates relations.

Syntax & Semantics

No syntax errors.


Appropriate usage of use cases and actors. Accurate UML notation, noun phrase actor and verb phrase use case names, accurate range and domain of relations
   Critical Thinking Use cases represent all of the functionality needed for a satisfactory application with no extraneous use cases Use cases capture a majority of the functionality required for a satisfactory application with minimal extraneous cases Use cases capture a minority of the functionality required for a satisfactory application.

Use-case Specification

   Content Knowledge

Demonstrates usage of

Repetition & Branching


«includes» and «extends»


Id, name, pre-post conditions, actors, main flow, description
Syntax & Semantics
All specifications accurate Main flow elements used appropriately Every use case has a specification with plausible
Critical Thinking
All flows accurately specify the given use cases Majority of flows capture reasonable use case functionality Majority of flows capture plausible functionality
User Interface Mock ups
Well thought out mock ups. Reasonably thought out UIs Mock ups submitted
Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
Well thought out SRS Reasonably thought out SRS SRS submitted

Use Case Name (from diagram)

Id: UCN (n = 1, 2, etc.)
Actors: Actor name (from diagram)

State before execution of use case

Brief Description: 

   General description of the use case

Flow of events:









9        Use case ends.

Alternative flows and exceptions:

    Alternative or Exceptions to the normal flow

Non-behavioral requirements:

   Maximum or minimum requirements

Source:  Where did the use case come from?
Post Conditions: State after use case execution


Application Name

Software Requirements Specification

Your Information


Introduction and Overview (‘Introduction’ heading not required in APA format.)


  • Goals and Objectives

Place the goals and objectives here.


  • Statement of Scope

Describe what is in and not in the application


  • Software Context

Describe the larger context in which the application resides.


  • Major Constraints

Describe any primary constraints that must be satisfied by the application


  • Usage Scenarios

The functional requirements.


  • User Profiles: Actors

Describe the actors.


  • Use Cases

Describe each of the use cases.


  • User Interface Prototype

Include the user interface prototype mock-ups.


  1. Glossary

Define any terms used in this document that your stakeholders might not be aware of.


Include any Appendices that are needed.







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