cross cultural management

please the answers should be according the questions and relevant

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Message to students in MGT 201 Cross Cultural Management 25 September 2013 From Dr John Jones, subject lecturer Final Assignment – Trimester 2 of 2013 A cross cultural management case study, “Japanese Companies in Germany”. This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the subject. The due date is Monday 21 October 2013. There will be no extensions. The assignment is to be submitted through MOODLE, as a WORD document. 300 word limits have been suggested for each of the questions. There is no penalty for a reasonable number of words above or below this number, as long as the essential questions have been answered. Use your own words where possible, but properly cited references to outside sources are acceptable where these assist your reply. Good answers will meet the criteria in the MARKING GUIDE and will gain good marks. KOI Plagiarism Policy. This assignment must be your own work based on personal study and or research. HOWEVER students may consult with other students in the class, in discussion groups or any other way, prior to the actual writing and submission of this assignment. MARKING GUIDE High Distinction 80-100 Clear attainment of all learning outcomes, with complete and comprehensive understanding of the subject content, development of relevant skills and intellectual initiative to an extremely high level. Distinction 70-79 Substantial attainment of most learning outcomes, with a high level of understanding of the subject content and development of relevant analytical and interpretative skills to a high level. Credit 60-69 Sound attainment of some major learning outcomes, with good understanding of subject content and development of relevant skills. Pass 50-59 Satisfactory attainment of a range of learning outcomes, with basic understanding of subject content and development of relevant skills. Pass Conceded 46-49 Some attainment of learning outcomes with basic understanding of some subject content and some skill…


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