Crohn's disease in women

Nutrition Research and Professional Writing
Literature Review Outline Guidelines
Objective: To develop the outline of a literature review that explores a relevant mechanism with depth and breadth and contains references in the correct format.

Assignment: Conduct a literature search using library resources. Formulate the resulting literature into an outline. [Note: this assignment will become part of your final literature review and will count towards that grade, 5/150 total points]. (25 possible points)

Due: Week 3

Items to Include:

1. Title (1 Point)
2. Introduction (2 Points)
3. Optional: May include a research question or purpose statement.
4. Mechanism (8 Points)
a. Depth: Explanation of what happens, with details (4 Points)
i. Description of the interacting parties
ii. Description of how they interact
b. Breadth: Explanation of the impact of the mechanism, as relevant to your topic (4 Points)
c. Write a summary sentence(s) for each paper, put it in the correct section of your outline, and put in a reference citation.
5. Conclusions/Applications (2 Points)
6. References (10 points)
a. ADA or AMA format (5 Points)
b. A minimum of 24 peer-reviewed references are required for the final literature review. Include at least 12 in your outline. (5 Points)
c. References should be listed at the end of the outline.
d. Websites may function as references, provided they are for
i. Government websites (NIH, CDC, MyPyramid) or
ii. University or Organization websites (National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), NSF International)
iii. Wikipedia and “fluffy” references, such as articles from Cosmopolitan, thinspiration websites, etc., don’t count as part of the required 12 or 24 references, but may be included.
7. Appropriate and correct grammar (2 points)
8. Type the outline (should be about 2 pages)
9. Spider outline: may be done by hand or computer

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