Critical Evaluation of merits of targeting customers in emerging market

4.3 Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria set out the details by which your performance in each task will be judged. This information will give you a clear and explicit understanding of the standards you are expected to achieve relative to the marks awarded.

Details of Assessment Tasks

Learning task 1: Individual analysis

Due DateWeek 5 – Insert date

Weight 20%

Length 2,000 – 2,500 words

Topic Theoretical analysis

Critical Evaluation of merits of targeting customers in emerging market

One idea that has received a lot of attention in the international business field is C.K. Prahalad’s notion that international business has a lot to gain from selling to the poorest segments of emerging markets, rather than just targeting the wealthiest in those economies. In this assignment I want you to critically evaluate Professor Prahalad’s approach. (See attached full text articles in the back of the course description for reference.)

Assignment Topic:Making reference to any one emerging markets from the below listed countries. Prepare a 2000~2200 word evaluation of merits of targeting customers at the “bottom of the pyramid.” In what sectors and in which ways, if any, do the considerations raised by this approach alter the strategies of companies selling into emerging countries?






(other countries may be used with prior approval from your lecturer).

Data on various socio-economic indicators for the emerging markets can be found in the World Bank’s World Development Indicators database.

Your report will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Word count requirement: 2,000~2,500 words.


  1. A clear, informative introduction and well summarized conclusion with the key elements of your argument,
  2. Good understanding C.K. Prahalad’s perspective/approaches and
  3. Use sufficient and appropriate material to effectively support the key points.
  4. A clear logical flow between paragraphs and demonstrate the ability to critically reflect upon key ideas/issues.
  5. Integration of content and literature written skills


  1. Use appropriate academic writing format. Make sure the writing is easy to read but avoid looking like a list of bullet points. This is not a business report. You do not need to write an executive summary. A coherent answer to the questions is what I looking for.
  2. Attach any relevant appendices to the assignment.
  3. Source material should be correctly identified and referenced. The APA of citing references is recommended.

If you are unsure about the format please ask your lecturer for advice and guidance. A guide to the UB Library Services APA citation style is available at:

For the detailed marking criteria, please refer to the attached marking sheets in Appendix ii.

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