critical essay

Attached Files: File paperguidelines.docx (15.139 KB) File Common Writing Problems.PDF (980.581 KB) File Properties of Essays and Research Papers.PDF (1.45 MB) File Goodness in Each of Us.pdf (246.557 KB) .. Your first critical essay is due by 11:30 pm on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015. Please submit your essay through Blackboard. The content of the essay is based upon the readings that have been assigned in the course thus far. Please choose one or two essays of those assigned for the basis of your paper. I have attached essay guidelines to this post. Please be sure to read through them carefully and to follow them. I have also attached two chapters from the book, Writing in Political Science: A Practical Guide. These chapters may be of help as you are formulating a thesis statement, writing an outline for your paper, carefully crafting each paragraph of your paper, etc. In addition, I have posted a copy of a paper (“Goodness in Each of Us”) that a student handed in for a summer course (same guidelines, different course) and that is an example of a well written paper. Finally, please look in your syllabus for the link to the OWL Center for additional writing help and for the links on plagiarism. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of help to you. Go get it!! Videos for What’s going on these days … . Please view the following videos: American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs (see film on right side of page) Naomi Klein: This Changes Everything Chris Hedges Wages of Rebellion, parts 1 and II Bill Moyers and Co: Sounds of Poetry (all nine selections)

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