Criminal justice assignment

Page Requirement:

No requirement for length – however, ensure you answer all parts of the question and that you write in complete sentences. Additionally, make sure you proofread for grammar and spelling. Use APA formatting for this assignment.



In early March 2013, a CNN reporter wrote and published an article entitled “TSA Removes Body Scanners Criticized as Being Too Revealing.” This article (included below) outlined the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to backscatter X-ray machines from airport security checkpoints for a number of reasons but mostly because they were too revealing of the general public.

For this assignment, you will take the position of either an advocate or an opponent of this type of scanning technology. Students should think critically about their position and develop logical and convincing arguments to substantiate their points. Students may wish to conduct additional research on this technology if they are not familiar with its implementation and subsequent removal.



1) Why is this type of technology necessary in the United States?
2) Where would the implementation of these technologies be acceptable?
3) Would the implementation / testing be permissible for the private sector?
4) How would the implementation of these technologies help safeguard life and property within critical infrastructure?
5) Can you think of any recent current events where the use of this technology would have been useful to the American public?

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