Crime and Mental Illness

Discuss any relationship between crime and mental illness. ;

Essay Marking Guidelines, Rubric and Presentation

Guidelines to the marking of the long essays are provided below

  1. You need to submit the essays via the Turnitin tool. I will in a future Announcements provide more information on submitting via that tool.
  2. Download the assignment cover sheet and attach it to your essay before uploading the essay.The essay needs to be either in double spacing or one and a half spacing.
  3. You can use any referencing system as long as it is used consistently throughout the essay. Normally students use either the American Psychological Association 6 Style (APS) format or the Harvard Style Referencing format.
  4. It is important that your essay title reflect the content of your essay. Using the essay topic from the list provided as a title for your essay is not adequate as the question topic is deliberately very general and allows multiple approaches. The essay topic should reflect your unique contribution;
    • content of the individual essay
    • goals of the essay
    • argument of your essay. For example some essay questions pose multiple topics and you cannot cover them all. Thus you will have to decide what aspect of the question you want to focus your essay on. Other questions may involve your personal view or assessment.

Treat your essay as a formal journal article with a topic that reflects the content. In a formal academic journal article you cannot normally entitle it as an essay question. For example question 7 is; Choose any chapter in the Corker and Shakespeare book on postmodernism and present an overview, comment and critique of it. How has postmodernism impacted on understanding of disability and rehabilitation?

This is clearly not a journal article topic but something like the following is acceptable.

‘An assessment of Shakespeare’s view on a Postmodernist view of disability’.

Your essay also requires an introduction that reflects the argument to follow. It can be in the form of an abstract. Be clear to readers at the commencement of the essay what the essay is about and what position you will be taking on the topic. Many essay introductions or abstracts provide what conclusions have been reached. An absence of an introductory paragraph will result in a loss of marks.

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