Creation and implemntation of Jazz singing curriculum for Adult-beginners level

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1- The aim for this research is to create Jazz singing curriculum for students (adult beginners) who are talented singers but with little/no experience. This curriculum will offer and define basic information about voice technique and singing through experiencing Jazz singing styles and its basics.
2- the outcome of this curriculum for students are vary in terms of meet their singing personal satisfaction to explore their voices and help them to start approach their future in singing and vocal training whether they want to start singing career, or create their own personal singing style that inspired by the content of this curriculum, or start to teach singing beginners from this curriculum too.
3- The student who undertake is almost talented, good ear, no experience with vocal training, no experience or little experience on stage (or using microphone) and little experience with reading scores so he can read simple examples.
4- The curriculum is all about vocal coaching and provide basics and overview in vocal techniques, learning to sing in Jazz different styles, performance techniques. (The curriculum is an introduction to define three part;
a. Vocal techniques: Breathing, develop sound quality, expanding vocal range, common voice issues and how to solve it, vocalise etc.
b. Jazz styles: most common scales that used in Jazz (major, minor, modes, pentatonic; major minor, etc.) with score and sound track demonstration, most common jazz styles; swing, Latin jazz bossa, samba, blues, etc. and their rhythm and tempo with score and sound track demonstration, the basics to sing jazz etc.).
c. Performance techniques: choosing repertoire, tutorials to evaluate the student singing, giving tips to polish performance; adding dynamics, mirror check, working out with Style, Improving Your Connection with the audience, moving on stage, performance anxiety solutions.
5- The curriculum must be easy to understand and well defined for students; so music scores, sound tracks, video demonstration must be provided to help students to practice and to guide them well.
*** This curriculum is especially designed in special circumstances:
a. for adult-beginners who are (18 years and above).
b. Audition required, I want to accept student who are already talented able to sing, very good ear, aware when they are out of tune or tempo (so we need sources that suggest and give advices for appropriate audition for students).
c. Curriculum designed to be achieved in two years; that divided in four semesters, semester have lasts for 12 weeks.
d. Curriculum content is focused in three interests that demonstrated in three modules; 1; vocal techniques,2;Jazz singing styles and 3; performance techniques that should work on separately ( I need sources that shows the importance for those three topics above that makes priority as modules to be applied in the curriculum).
e. each module will be taught 1-1 once a week for 12 weeks.
f. the end of each semester will be required from the student to perform 3 to 4 songs, the repertoire will be discussed with student so the tutor must find out the appropriate to the student.
g. each module evaluation is important that writer find sources and discuss it with the writer to find the appropriate way to evaluate the students; like evaluating by attendance, performance, ear, maybe written exam? etc.
h. the student must gain 60% and above to pass each module. (I want to choose the evaluation system that has A, A-, B, B- until D and each one what the qualities of it). – TO BE DISCUSSED with the writer.
i. motivation part must be included in this curriculum; activities, entertainment, arrange for group meetings, listening to each other’s, Karaoke participation (I need sources that speak about that; adult beginners or learners and motivation; singing student and motivation, the use of karaoke, etc). – TO BE DISCUSSED with the writer.
*** Modules: (1; Voice technique, 2; Jazz styles, 3; Performance technique)
Each module need to be written with details examples and demonstrations so the tutor can use it as guide)
Each module will be taught in 4 different grades (e.g. module; voice technique 1,2,3 and 4).
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