Counter terrorism



Name: ___________________________________               Date: June 8, 2015

A key objective of the course is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways terrorism and counter-terrorism is defined.  This self-assessment is intended to test your understanding of these two important definitions.

Using the space provided, answer the following questions.  Be sure to provide citations/references to support the definitions.

  1. What are the ways terrorism and counterterrorism are defined in America?Define each term and expand upon those definitions by indicating the various ways these terms are defined and why they vary.



  1. What makes terrorism so hard to define in the United States?What are the challenges to defining terrorism? Explain how these challengesimpede the development of a common definition of terrorism. In your explanation, provide at least one example.



  1. What do experts and government leaders say about the need for a common definition of terrorism? Citing your readings, explain why it is necessary or not necessary.



  1. What do proponents of a common definition suggest about adopting a comprehensive counterterrorism strategy for the United States?Explain what it presently looks like in the United States and briefly note what can be done to achieve a more comprehensive counterterrorism strategy and approach.


  1. How will your Research Paper evaluate practical approaches to counterterrorism within the context of your topic and area of focus?




Part two

  1. What are the origins of counterterrorism in the United States beginning around WWII? What historical events can be seen as precursors to present day counterterrorism approaches in the United States?Name at least three since WWII and explain the significance of each in the progression of counterterrorism.


  1. How would you characterize the current state of counterterrorism in the U.S., with an emphasis on strategies subsequent to 9/11? Name at least two new strategies that have been taken since then.


  1. What does the 9/11 Commission 10-Year Anniversary Report say about the threat of terrorism to both the public and private sectors? Explain what the Commission and other experts indicate still needs to happen to achieve an effective counterterrorism position across the United States?


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