Correlation paper

The Write-Up Correlation assignment will be a brief 2-4 page paper. Please go to the modules section of Canvas and look under the correlation paper sub-section where you will find everything you need to write up this assignment (including the Buss-Perry aggression scale, the original publication, the raw data, and the correlation analysis).

The hypothesis: A researcher wanted to see if a relationship existed between Physical Aggression and Verbal aggression.  To test this idea the researcher conducted a study at Montclair State University where he administered the Buss-Perry aggression scale (only questions 1-14) to 30 students.  After the data was collected the researcher conducted a Pearson r correlation.  With the information provided please write up the experiment in an APA style paper.

The Analysis sheet contains everything needed to write the Participants section and the Results section, I have also highlighted all the important results that should be included in your paper.

This write up will include:

  • A Title Page (not counted in the page count) and an abstract
  • A brief ~one page Introduction, which will include a literature review (which is the justification for conducting the study), the hypothesis and the variables being measured.
  • The Methods section (including: Participants, Materials, and Methods)
  • The Results section
  • A brief Discussion section, explaining the results in plain English
  • And finally a References section.

The write up will be written in APA style.  Note you will NOT be collecting the data for this experiment, I will be providing you with the information (including the data and the analysis) needed to write the Methods and Results section.  This assignment will be conducted so I can gauge how well you can write an Introduction, if you know the basics of APA style, and if you can interpret statistical data.

  • The paper must be written in APA style. If you do not write in APA style I will not read the paper and you will receive an F.
  • You must use Peer Reviewed Journal Articles. Popular publications such as Magazines and/or Newspapers do not count towards the minimum 3-5 journal articles. (Note – I have provided you guys with 1 journal article already.
  • DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS. You must write your own paper and not just copy someone else’s work.
  • Keep your Journal articles. If I have questions about your paper I may ask to see them.

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