Controversial Issue in Gaming

Week 2 Controversial Issue in Gaming

Controversial Issue in Gaming

Watch “Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better word on TEDTalks.”

Individually, each member of the Learning Team should discuss an Epic Win in your own terms.

Complete the following in your Learning Team meeting:

•Discuss a world issue/problem with your Learning Team.

•Consider how this would translate into a game.

•As a team, try to discuss how you could come together to fix this world issue/problem.

Post your team’s solutions from this exercise as a summary to this Learning Team Exercise. Briefly describe how this activity applied to the weekly concepts. Be sure your team has prepared the following for next week’s First Message.

Post a 150- to 200-word summary to First Message Week 3-3 which discusses your team’s examination and discussion of the weekly concepts. Update the class on any concept the team had difficulty understanding and what the team did to help each member understand the concept. Include the team’s discussion on the importance of the weekly concepts, and how they can be applied to each team member and society in general.



Summary of 310 words

Scored: 5/5


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