computer Algorithms

Algorithm Project

Pick a problem (should be non-trivial) and write a detailed algorithm for that problem.

Do not forget that an algorithm has the following pieces:

1. Describe the problem

othis might be what a boss gives you

2. Formulate the problem

orestate to make sure you understand

owill state preferences or restrictions

othis might often be the hardest part

3. Design the algorithm

oMake sure all cases accounted for

oThis can be words, pseudo code or a flow chart or a combination of all

4. Analyze the algorithm


5. Add possible extensions

oCases not accounted for?

oOther possibilities?

6. Test the algorithm (at least 2 cases)

oActually trace your algorithm with two cases one that should work and one that should not work

oShould be a step by step trace

Don t forget an algorithm should have the following properties: Input, Output, Precision, Determinism, Finiteness, Correctness, and Generality.

The final product needs be typed up and submitted in soft copy(modifiable file .rtf or .doc or .docx, not .pdf) via the portal. Length is dependent on the problem but should be sufficient to cover the subject in detail. Grade will be based on completeness and level of effort.

Possible ideas:

Staff and/or resource scheduling

Improve efficiency of some thing at work or home

How to build a computer

Think about a process at work that you think is broke that could be improved upon, something in your everyday life that could be improved, or something that you do re

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