Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Complementary and Alternative Therapies

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If you choose to complete Assignment 1, write a critical appraisal of a book that you have recently read concerning one or more particular complementary and alternative medical therapies currently practised in Canada. The book you review should be at least 100 pages in length.

Your assignment should contain the following sections.
1.Author(s). Provide information about the author(s), including credentials and academic, organizational, or institutional affiliation. Does the author have a bias or vested interest?
2.Introduction. What is the book about?
3.Claims. Does the book make any claims about treatment?
4.Supporting evidence. What scientific evidence does the author present to support his or her claims? Assess the literature in detail.
5.Risks or benefits. Discuss and critically assess the risks or benefits associated with the particular therapy presented in the book.

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