Comparison Essay

Comparison Essay Project instructions: 1.Which disease/condition that you chose has the biggest or most profound effect on the body? Provide at least two reasons for your choice 2.What medical specialist would most likely treat this disease/condition? If you or a member of your family had this disease/condition, which treatment option would you choose? Why is this treatment option the best? Provide at least one reason for your choice. 3.Which disease/condition that you researched has the best prognosis? Which has the worst prognosis? Provide at least one reason for each of your choices. 4.For the disease/condition with the worst prognosis, what could a patient do to improve the outcome (in addition to following the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan)? Include at least two I did five fact sheets which where on Thrush,Alzheimer, Graves’, Hernia, and Chlamydia. Name of disease/condition and brief description (2 Sentences) Etiology and what body system is affected Signs of the disease/condition Symptoms of the disease/condition Diagnostic tests Treatments (medications, surgery, physical therapy, etc.) Prognosis (Predict outcome Will the patient recover fully or be affected for life? If there are lifelong problems, what are they? For more details email me

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