Community waste incinerator

Congratulations! You have just been hired as the environmental manager at a hazardous waste incinerator. The community around your incinerator has some concerns about your facility, and you have been selected to create a PowerPoint presentation explaining your facility and its environmental effects at a community meeting. Using your textbook, the CSU Online Library and other resources, describe the basic components of your facility, the regulations it must follow, and the environmental effects it might have on the community. BEM 3701, Hazardous Waste Management 4 The PowerPoint presentation template provided here will tell you what to cover in each slide. Do NOT just add to the template for your PowerPoint presentation. If it takes more slides than the template provides to cover a topic, that is fine! The following elements are required in your PowerPoint presentation: 1. Speaker’s notes: Each slide should have detailed speaker’s notes. The notes should thoroughly narrate the PowerPoint presentation and contain everything that you would be saying to your audience if you were actually giving the PowerPoint presentation in the community meeting. The slides should not contain paragraphs of text. The bulk of the text should be in the speaker’s notes, and the slides should summarize and give a visual guide to what you are saying in the speaker’s notes. 2. Background and graphics/photos: Make your PowerPoint presentation visually interesting, but not crowded

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