Title: Answer questions

As you read Section IV of the Thesis/Practicum Guide and Berg ch. 1, prepare to address the following questions in next week’s class discussion:
How are quantitative and qualitative research methods different, yet complementary? Which type has generally received more respect in the social sciences?
Why use qualitative methods?
Why do we emphasize qualitative methods in the MAC program, particularly?
When you read Berg ch. 2, you can skip (or quickly skim) pp. 27-35; these are issues that Mary Anne has already guided you through. Be prepared to discuss the following in relation to Berg ch. 2:
Theory and concepts (p. 21-23): In your secondary (literature) research so far, what is an important theory you’ve explored? that you hope will guide your own rsearch project.
What is operationalization (p. 38-41)? Why is it important? Could you operationalize one of the concepts you plan to use in your research? How might you do that?
At this point, can you imagine what type of sampling strategy (p. 48-52) would make sense for your research project?

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