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Students submit a 200-word progress report. The goal here is two-fold:

to give your TA a brief chance to provide very brief input on the direction of your project; and
to push you to find ways to seek support and guidance that doesn’t undercut your professional credibility.

Your progress report, in the form of an informal email, is directed to your supervisor (the same person your proposal was directed to). Very briefly, outline what your group has accomplished so far, collectively, and what you have accomplished so far, individually. Then sketch a detailed plan of how you and your partners will successfully complete the major assignment. You want to highlight good work you’ve done, but you build your credibility by seeking, in a professional way, guidance and acknowledging struggles.

Formatting Requirements:
Be sure to include a subject line, formal salutations, proper formatting, tone, visual structure, closing remarks and sign-off.
when u do submit u have to comment for two of the student like assess them . and plz comment the student who have no comment or just one comment .

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