Combating Discrimination of Women in the Arab Society

The Arab society has conservatively treated women differently from men, according them a tremendously lower status, subordinate roles, notable seclusion, and dissention from certain rights and privileges. With the current wave of globalization and democracy, the recent up rise realized across the Arab countries includes a variety of women organizations championing for gender equality and fair treatment in relation to men. Among other things, women from many Arab countries are denied ownership to property, right for education, right to vote, forced marriages, feminine ideologies, job discrimination, inferiority, and various rights of expression; a tradition which has been largely stimulated by religious ideologies and conformist cultural practices. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed entirely to drive or hold certain political offices. In Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, when elections are held, they exclude women from standing for positions in the government and even in the voting process.

Conversely, women discrimination in Arab nations is a human rights issue which requires an extensive inquiry into the reality at the ground in order to postulate lucid ways to combat the trend from the remote cause so as to enhance equality across the globe. This paper will endeavor to examine the available literature concerning women discrimination in the Arab society, illuminating on facts using both qualitative and quantitative methods of collecting data, while establishing effective recommendations to address the issue. Some of the solutions provided in this paper to promote gender equality among the Arab nations include: media sensitization, formation of nongovernmental organizations to educate Arabian society, promoting democracy in the region, establishing youth initiatives especially among those who study abroad in order make changes back at home, and challenging key nations to promote gender equality.

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