Colorado S ta te University -Pueblo

Colorado S ta te University -Pueblo
Division of Continuing Education
Independent Study and External Degree Completion Program
Written Assignments
All assignments should be typed and in MLA (9th Ed) format, unless prior arrangements are made
with your instructor.
Formatting Requirements for Writing Assignments: Put your name, date, and class time on
everything you do. Any work submitted which is unidentifiable, haphazardly arranged, or
illegible will receive a grade of zero. Keep everything from this course in your Portfolio. All work
should be submitted, as directed in class, as “doc,” “docx,” or “rtf” files. Other formats will not
be accepted and may result in a failing grade. Before submission to your instructor, all work
should be saved as: YOURLASTNAME_FIRSTINITIAL_PAPER# (followed by “doc,” “docx,” or “rtf”)

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