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For this assignment you are required to write an essay on the following:

CLT has had a major influence on language learning and teaching in different countries around the world. If you believe that it is the most appropriate approach for the teaching context with which you are familiar, explain your reasons for doing so and discuss the problems which might arise in a different teaching context.

guidelines for answering the question

Your essay should include:

. a critical discussion of what you understand by the term ‘communicative language teaching’ and how it has influenced English language teaching and learning
. a description of specific context
. a critical discussion of the problems of using CLT in your own and/or other teaching contexts

you must provide relevant examples and references from the set books for this module, and other sources where appropriate.

The complete essay will be no more than 2000 words and will be fully referenced according to the academic convention. You will lose mark if you do not clearly identify the sources that you use. Please also look at the assessment criteria which are used for grading your assignments in the student guide.

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