How to Choose Pediatric Capstone Ideas

Your lecturer will give you many assignments and essays to write, but when it comes to a capstone program, you will have the advantage to choose your idea or topic in which you will write. Most students find it a challenge to get pediatric capstone ideas to write and may tend to consult the lecturer for guidance. There are many areas in pediatric health care where the students can get their ideas like immunization, diseases, diet, emergency care, ICU, and many others which interest you. For you to be able to choose ideas which are acceptable  without being sent back many times consider the following;

  1. Consider your Area of Interest and Experience

Having the passion for doing pediatric doesn’t mean you have an interest in each of the topics your course study. Every student has a particular subject which they like reading and are very familiar, choose one of the topics of your interest and narrow it down to get a pediatric capstone ideas. If you enjoy being in the emergency department identify any problem there and research on it. There are many cases in the ICU or any other related pediatric unit that you can get ideas. Having the interest and experience in a certain department gives you the comfortability and ease of writing and carrying the research.

  1. Health Systems Related to Pediatric Nursing


Healthcare has several components which relate to the pediatric nursing and which can be a right niche when looking for pediatric capstone project ideas. These components include political, scientific and economic. You can identify a problem in each of them and try to write on it. Look at how some changes in political regimes has affected the pediatric department like in free maternity which has led to reduced mortality rate, free surgeries to some illness in children, the supply of medication and why the aspects should be supported even in future. Scientific issues involve some innovations and discoveries on the health of the children. Look at some issues like immunizations and the measures to be taken to ensure children are immunized against deadly diseases like polio, diarrhea, measles, small pox, pneumonia, and others. You can also look for solutions like civic education. Economic aspects deal with money and how it affects the health of a child. Look at measures to be taken to reduce high expenses on children medicine, operation services, and other charges to ensure the children can afford the services.

  1. Feasibility of your Capstone Ideas

Sometimes you can choose a pediatric capstone idea, but you cannot access the population or the resources you need to carry your research. Imagine you are carrying a research on a topic where you have to contact some political leaders to get some information, but you can’t find them, just drop the idea and look for another one. If you are carrying a research on the autism children and measures to help them curb their problem, then you should be able to access the children to learn their problems.

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