Choose a market entry mode taken by a company (Toyota) and answer the questions like strategic

Toyota Motor Corporation is Japanese parent company of Toyota Group and it has become largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2008. Most of its subsidiary companies are involved in the automobiles production as well as production of automobiles parts and commercial and industrial vehicles. Toyota Motor Corporation started its operations in 1993 and in 1999 it was listed on the London Stock Exchange and New York Stock. In, 1997, Toyota entered into Indian marker by adopting joint venture entry mode. The partner was Bangalore based Kirloskar Electric Co. known as Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) and the plant was set up in 1998 at Bidali near Bangalore.Choose a real company from an automobile (car) industry which is involved in international business and identify an entry mode that has been used by the selected company when expanding its car business to a foreign market location. The identified case should be from 1990 and onward.Answer all of the following questions:Question 1) Is this entry mode appropriate for the target foreign market? Why? Answer this question by analyzing:• Strategic Consideration: Is this entry mode in line with the company’s then strategic direction? why?; b) Do you think the level of control, risks, return and integration associated with the entry mode is appropriate for the company’s strategy?• Environmental factors: PESTEL Analysis of the foreign market location. You only need to analyze any 3 PESTEL factors that you think are most related to your case. Note you must analyze how the entry mode suits these 3 PESTEL factors. • Whether the timing of entry and the scale of the entry are appropriate? WhyQuestion 2) Based on above analyses, what recommendations would you make to improve this entry?As a student of International Business; choose a market entry mode taken by a company (Toyota) and answer the questions like strategic consideration, environmental factors, and recommendations.

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