Childless by choice: A different form of parenthood

Sharman, Cheryl H. Childless by choice: A different form of parenthood. Prism, Vol. 8. No. 6. 18-21. DOWNLOAD article from Canvas and print out or save to your computer. Read this journal article and write a critique paper using the following comments to GET YOU STARTED. You MUST also include other thoughts, comments, analysis, etc., that you have: • In 1 (one) good sized paragraph, summarize the main points of the article. Next….. • Where do you agree and/or disagree with the author? Be very specific. • Do you believe that this could be your decision some day? Why or why not? • What are your overall thoughts about the article? • Did this article stir up any feelings or issues that you had never considered before? What? Why? • Present and discuss any scriptures you believe are important to your position in this matter. • Make connections to concepts you have learned in class so far. • REMEMBER—the above questions are required and help get you started in your own analysis. You must “think critically” about what you are reading. Requirements • Minimum 3 FULL pages of critique/discussion • 12 pt. New Times Roman font • 1” margins all around • Cover page has name, date, class (have last name in “header” of all pages). • Do not have an extra double space between paragraphs. Just a normal double space should separate paragraphs. • NOTE: Start your actual reflection on line one (at 1”) on the first page after the title page—do not repeat the information that is on your title page. Write critique using your own words. Do not copy text from the article because that is plagiarism. You may use an occasional short quote out of the article if it adds to the strength of the points you are making but you must put quotation marks around it and at the end of the quote

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