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Attachments:Describe the problem you are solving 

We identified two really Big problems in Bangladesh.One finds a right people to do a job in right time  with efficient cost.On  the other hand, another big problem is finding a par time job for a student or an unemployed individual who has some skill to do the daily task like assemble the furniture or fixing a computer or any compliance.That’s why Our team are going to introduce  most revolutionary Nations first two-way micro-task platform Task Heroes.Where people can post there any task needs to done and then Our pre-approved fully skilled heroes can take this job and finish those in a timely manner.

So We are not only helping people to outsource their daily task we are also creating lots of job our unities for our young people who are desperately  looking for a job.

How are your customers solving that problem today? 

We finished a details research on Bangladeshi market and also compleated a survey on our potential customer,(Household, Small Business and Corporate House).After that survey, we really shocked to find out most of our potential customer still rely on an old fashion way to finish their task when they need it.

Who are your competitors and how are you different? Please include URLs 
After doing all the research we really find out  the idea or platform we are going to establish in Bangladesh is really unique and new.So right now we really do not have any direct competitor in the market.But we also believe that we do not have any competitor is not mean we won’t have any competitor in future.We think one special quality always keep us stay ahead in the game and it is Our team.We have four awesome team members who are highly self-motivated and extremely successful in their own fields.The Task Heroes team is not only by some IT guy.In our team, we include people from IT, Finance and Marketing.We also have a member who is a customer relations expert and we have a member who has lots of  experience in HR field.So all those different talented people meet together and created one of the most impressive team Task Heroes.

How many customers/users do you currently have? 

e just finished to develop our prototype and right now we are in testing phase and trying to make it as user-friendly as possible .Our total opportunity customers are in Dhaka more than  2 millions .

How do you plan to market to customers? 

We belive this is the most importent part in our Buisnees.We just finished our prototype and working on tasting phase and out technical team really working on our platform to make it 100% ready before we go out to the oparetions .On the other hand Our oparetions team working on plan to market to customers.We allready start our social media campaigning  we also talking to different people in Dhaka about our paltform .We also have a plan to go different university campuses to discuss with student and tell them how they could become a heroe and they can start earning.

Coming to grameenphoneaccelerator is also a part of our plan to market to customer.We belive this accelerator platform surley help us to reach to our customer easily beacuse the exposer we will get after we win this competetion it will be huse and amaizing .

What progress have you made in the last six months?



At the beginning of our project,  we really divided  our whole business plan into five phase.In phase one it was in idea phase then we move to our second phase in business plan phase here we already make our step by step business plan for next 12 month and we also finish to develop our platform and now we are in the testing phase.We are also going to our pre-launched phase and that’s why we are going to participate GP-accelerator.We also start Our pre-launched campaign in Facebook.After all, this process was done we are accepting to launch our platform in Dhaka very soon.

What steps have you taken to validate the market? 

Before we even start any work in our project we did lots of surveys in Dhaka and Chittagong and talk a lot to our future customers and we also did a survey on our future Heroes and everyone really appreciates our initiative.We already started our facebook campaign and getting really awesome feedback.

hat is your monthly growth rate? 

We are planning to start our oparetion in Dhaka first .And then we will move to other metropolitron city .So after all the resarch and market study we are accepting we will get 10000 thosand customer every mounth and more than 500 Heroes will be join in our team. So end of the year 2016 We  areaccepting more then  100 thousands customers will recive our service and more than 6000 heroes will be join with us.

Why do you want to attend this program? 

We are not just coming with the business model or an idea.All of the members in our team are coming with a same goal and vision.We want to establish Business with social responsibilities.We want to start our business in Bangladesh and help to make our society a batter place ,We have a good business plan with a good team but before just start operation and run the business we really need a platform where we can get some advice support and mentoring so we can prepare ourself batter before we start our operations.We know the end of the day it is our business and we are going to run this business.We believe for turning  our great idea to a successful business the support we need we will get it from this program and that’s why we are attending this program.

How do you think the GP Accelerator resources can significantly benefit you? 

We are a team of four enargetic hard working and result driven members. We got a good idea and trying turn this idea to a fentastic buisnees and thats why we really need some more resourese which will help us to more suceesfull .GP Accelertor are going to provide lots of resources like

What kind of expertise do you most need from a mentor? 

We really need a mentor who gives us a great idea about Bangladeshi customer.We have a good team but we does not have lots of idea about the characterise of Bangladeshi market.We also expect that the mentor will give us some suggestion how we could reach to lots of customer in good pace

What are the biggest challenges you face right now? 

We have a great team with great business plan .We also finished developing our platform.Right now it’s not only in prototype we actually all ready to launch our platform but before we launch our platform the biggest challenge we have is to make sure we can reach to our target audience easily and educate them with our platform effectively.


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