Chapter Review Questions

Chapter Review Questions

You will be graded on the accuracy and thoroughness of your responses and on your ability to communicate. Please write in complete sentences unless otherwise directed. You should work on this assignment as you go through the assigned readings and chapters in your textbook. Be careful not to copy text directly from the book. You should answer in your own words, with your own thoughts, opinions, interpretations, examples, and conclusions.

Any intentional or unintentional plagiarism may result in an F in this assignment and an F in the course. If you do take text directly from our book, you must put this text in quotation marks and cite our book as your source.

Grading Criteria

65% Content: Accurate, organized and thorough responses that demonstrate recall, critical thinking and analysis.
35% Written Communication: Clearly and concisely written, proper sentence and paragraph structure, grammar and spelling.

Note: Question 9/10 is worth 20 points.

Chapter 16

Your textbook identifies six “typical” steps in conducting an experiment. List those steps in order of occurrence.

Identify the similarities and difference between two types of errors in experiments.

Chapter 17

You are about to interview for a full-time job with a company of your choice. How will you recognize that this company is following the Six Sigma methodology combined with Lean principles? How do you know they are following such practices? Be sure to cite specific examples of the evidence you would look for!

Describe at least two goals of lean manufacturing.

Describe the five steps of lean process improvement.

Explain what is meant by the Kaizen concept.

Define line balancing.

What is meant by the term ‘takt time’ and how is it calculated?

(9/10) What tasks do you perform daily, either at home or at work? How would you go about reducing the setup times involved in these tasks? Select one task from your list and make some changes to reduce the set up times. How much of a reduction did your changes provide?

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