Causes of Mass Extinction

Causes ofmass extinction have been a subject big controversy for a long time. Scholars have developed various models to explain this concept based on factors such as oceanic eruptions, series of volcanic and oceanic eruptions, and asteroid collision. A literature review of this topic indicates a huge contradiction on the factors responsible for this condition. While most scholars have attributed human factors to mass extinction, others have strongly proposed change in climate to be the major factor with regard to this concept. Evidences of different research do not support the findings of previous research thereby widening the gap on the precise cause of mass extinction. However, the islands and continental extinction have similarities at the same time some differences. Indeed, while certain evidence attribute human factors to mass extinction, later research have provided evidence that indicate lack of correlation between existence of human and the era of mass extinction. Despite this controversy, human interference prevails as the major cause of mass extinction because of the current efforts against extinction of endangered species that employs mechanism directed on humans

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