Case Study Treatment Plan

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Mental Health Counseling Clinical Internship 2
The abstract does not have a paragraph indent and is a single paragraph of 150-250 words. For what should be included in an abstract � see APA rule 2.05.
Keywords: three to five keywords
Case Study Treatment Plan
Identifying Information
Presenting Problem
Previous Treatments
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Support Systems
Goals, Objectives, and Timeline
Communication with Other Professionals
Legal, Ethical, and Other Considerations
The assignment requires at least six references. Any sources listed in the References must be cited in the text of the paper and vice versa. This requirement is not found in a �rule,� but rather in the introductory paragraph to the Reference List on p. 180 of the manual.
Treatment Plan Annotated Bibliography
Your reference page (preceding) contains ONLY those works cited in your paper. A bibliography contains any works used as background or for further reading. A bibliography is NOT a normal piece in an APA paper. Therefore, it is treated as a subheading of the References.
� You have received the grades from your faculty supervisor for your work in Unit 4 Assignment 2: The Assessment, and Unit 7 Assignment 1: Treatment Goals.
Review your treatment plan and revise each section, incorporating the feedback you received as well as any other changes you feel will improve the overall treatment plan.
To assist you in completing this assignment, click Case Study Treatment Plan in the Resources to access the Case Study Treatment Plan template. Use these guidelines to format your case study.
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