Case: Mcdonalds


Hitt, M. A., Ireland, R. D., & Hoskisson, R. E. Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization: Concepts and Cases, 10th ed. 


In each assignment, you are asked to: 1. Conduct an industry analysis, capability analysis and evaluate the firm’s strategy. 2. Based on the analysis you will identify the most important strategic issues facing the firm, 3. Identify several (more than one) alternative courses of action most relevant to the key issue(s), 4. Recommend a specific course of action from the alternatives, and 5. Justify that recommendation. The case analysis can be no longer than one page (single-sided, single-spaced with a font not smaller than 12-point Times New Roman, one inch margins. All formats including character spacing, line spacing etc. should be normal. In other words, please do not make any changes in the format to squeeze in more text.)


ID# 123456789                                                                                               CaseTitleHere

An executivesummaryis an overviewof anentire paper ordocument. Thepurposeis to summarizethe keypoints forthe reader, savingthem time and preparingthem for theupcoming content.

Think of the executivesummaryas an advanceorganizer for thereader.  Obviously, ithas to be clearand concise.

In business, oneof themost common uses of an executivesummaryis as apart ofabusiness plan. The executivesummaryinabusiness plan serves the samepurposesas an executive summaryin anyother document– to summarize and to enticethe reader toread therest of the business plan.

For this reason, the executivesummaryis oftencalled the most important part of anydocument.

Ifitdoesn’t do what it’ssupposed to do, the document willbeset asideunread.

For our purposes, assumeyou havewritten asubstantial (8-10 page) caseanalysis; now, let the ExecutiveSummary“stand in” foryourentirepaper, summarizingyouranalysisof thecase facts,your ideas, andyour proposed strategy.

Note that it shouldnot beasummaryof thecasefacts.  Don’t wastetime and spacerehashing those facts (I alreadyknow them, andyou simplycan’t wastethe wordsgiven the limitations described below).

Each of these cases willinvolvedecision making– this is the cruxof strategy.In thesecases, individuals (directors, executives, managers, etc.)willneed to makedecisions (either asingle decision ormultiple decisions).In somecases, thesedecisions will be clearer than in othercases. You should understand that thereis no “right”answer to thesecases. As such,Iwillgradethese based on the informationthatyou present to supportyourrecommendations.

As for format, makeyourExecutiveSummarylook likethis document, includingmargins, header,and titleplacement. Limityourself to oneside ofonepage.Usea12-pointfont and one- inch margins.This should be a challenge… muchlikearesume, theabilityto boil down facts to the essence, dispensewith the obvious, and communicate in adirect, tothepointmanner, is a vital skillin business.


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