Case Analysis: Jextra Neighbourhood Stores In Malaysia

Introduction: A brief paragraph that states succinctly the most significant, key aspects or issues raised by the case.

Analysis: Respond to each of the questions/issues listed below. Justify the answers you provide. Your report should recognize, integrate, and cite relevant theories, concepts, and ideas from the required course readings and from conferences activities. Do not restate the facts of the case.

  • What are the major social, ethical, legal challenges that Jextra faces in operating in Malaysia? Are these the kind of issues Chong should have anticipated as a country manager?
  • You read about Siemens in DRS and watched the video on global ethics. Are top managers responsible when corruption is afoot? What individual or situational factors encouraged the alleged bribery and kickbacks at Jextra? What should Chong do about the rumors?
  • Does the Jextra “Business Conduct Code” help Chong in resolving the issues? Based on your study of corporate responsibility reports, suggest specific steps Chong can recommend to Jextra to help build its corporate culture for the long term benefit of the company. How will the actions you recommend to Chong mitigate or eliminate the problems you have identified in your analysis of this case?

Conclusions and Reflection:

  • Assume you are a manager in a foreign subsidiary of a US-based company. What would you advise your staff to do when faced with local expectations of “payoffs” or “referral money?” Where would you go for guidance, either within or outside your company organization? In the absence of guidance, what would you do?
  • What lessons do you take from your analysis as a current or future manager or leader in an international organization or internationalizing company?


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