career preparation assignment

Assignment 2: Dropbox Assignment LASA 1

Digital Portfolio

In this assignment, you will create an initial layout for your digital website portfolio.

Using the skill learned during your educational journey, the Argosy University online library resources, or the Internet, research about creating a website portfolio. Based on your research and understanding:

  • Create the layout of your digital portfolio website. You can use the layout style you identified in M1 Assignment 2. You can use any software, programming language, or online template of your choice. (Note: At this point, you need not put the specific pieces in but should focus on ordering and presentation. You can put your descriptions of each project in as placeholders.)
  • Prepare a diagram to show the layout of your portfolio website.
  • Identify and explain at least five tools (software or websites) that can be used in creating portfolio websites.

Be aware that if you post your personal phone number or e-mail on the website, you might be added to spam and telemarketer lists. One option is to create a Google Voice account. This allows you to keep your personal number private while having a free business account. Use the web form or an e-mail (info@yourdomain) as a secure way for the audience to get in touch with you. Remember, for security reasons, you should never post your personal address on the website.

Submission Details

Name your file AUO_IST495_M3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.

Create a zip file with all files required in this assignment and post it to the M3 Assignment 2 Dropbox by Tuesday, May 23, 2017.

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