In what ways, if at all, will the recent implementation of Australia’s “Carbon Tax” affect the strategies of firms located in Australia and their domestic and international competitiveness? Use corporate examples from selected industries and countries to support your argument.IN YOUR DISCUSSION ALSO INCLUDE THAT HOW THIS ALL IMPACTS ON FDI (FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT)

Word count requirement: 1,800~2,000 words.


  1. A clear, informative introduction of carbon tax and advantages and disadvantages and well summarized conclusion with the key elements of your argument,
  2. Good understanding of different elements of national/international business environments, of how government policies can influence their country’s competitiveness, and what the implications are for firms.
  3. Use sufficient and appropriate material and apply relevant concepts/perspectives/theories effectively support the key points.
  4. Source material should be correctly identified and referenced. The APA of citing references is recommended.

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