Capitalist Development in China and Its Impact on Foreign Investors and the World

The push for international diffusion has characterized many nations in the past decades. As a capitalist economy, China’s rise to one of the economical powers has been a surprise to the world. From a developing nation, China has risen to become a key player in the world economy. It has actually given Americans (the current super powers) a run for their money. Nevertheless, the sustainability of this growing economy remains challenged by many existing issues including reducing raw materials and other resources, uncertainty of a stable government in the future and the increasing environmental concerns which have extended to the global levels. Can China really rise to a super power? This research has dwelt more on capitalist development in China and the impacts to the world. Secondary data was collected from journals and books from the internet and school library. The literature review gives a rigorous and scholarly assessment of the long-term global impact of China’s ascendancy. It also gives an analysis of how China is a key player in determining the fate of the global free trade. The article explores the dynamics of capitalist development in the major political economies of the Republic of China. The review also gives a good understanding of Mainland China’s economic rise and its interpretation. By comparing China with other countries, the research also gives the salient aspects of late capitalist development. It is evident that China’s economic development may not be sustained. Nevertheless, the content enriches the current research on the problems facing China and the obstacles it has to overcome to attain its growth.

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