Briefing Paper 4: Ethics Case AT LEAST 200 WORDS

Read Section 5.9 Ethics � Cheeseman text page 106 is at the bottom
Brief the facts of the case and assume your boss is seeking your opinions on the 3 questions found at the end of Section 5.9. Argue both sides of all issues.

ETHICS : The Raiders are a professional league (NFL) Franchise. Each NFL franachise is independently owned. Al Davis was an owner and the managing general partner of the Raiders. The NFL establishes schedules, negotiates television contracts, and otherwise promotes NFL football, including conducting the super bowl each year. The Raiders play home and away games against other NFL teams.

For years the Raiders played their home games in Oakland, California. The owners of the Raiders decided to move the team from Oakland to Los Angeles, California, to take advantage of the greater seating capacity of the Los Angeles Coliseum, the larger television market of Los Angeles, and other economic factors. The team was to be renamed the Los Angeles Raiders. The city of Oakland, California v. Oakland Raiders


What is eminent domain ?
Is it socially responsible for a professional sports team to move from one city to another? What are the economic and other consequences of such a move?
Can the City of Oakland acquire the Raiders through eminent domain? Why? Or why not?

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