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Mr. Smith, who owns a furniture company, wants to develop an information system for tracking shipments to warehouses. Using the data from the table below, please do the following: 1. Draw a Gantt chart (learned from this course) to help Mr. Smith organize his design project. (4 points) 2. When is it appropriate to use a Gantt chart? What are the disadvantages? (6 points) 3. Drawn a PERT diagram (learned from this course) and then list all paths, calculate and identify the critical path. (5 points) *** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of two pages. Description Task Must Follow Time (Weeks) Generate data flow A None 7 Build decision tree B A 4 Build data dictionary C B 10 Write up project D C and H 4 Design output prototype E None 2 Revise output design F E 9 Write use cases G None 10 Design database H G and F 8

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