Business Strategies and Corporate Strategies

Assignment 7:

The discussion this week centers on the following required reading:

Dibrell, C. Craig, J. & Hansen, E. (2011). Natural environment, market orientation, and firm innovativeness: An organizational life cycle perspective. Journal of Small Business Management, 49(3), 467-489.

After reading the Dibrell, Craig, & Hansen study, complete the Quantitative Study Evaluation table to the best of your ability. Attach the completed Quantitative Study Evaluation as a backdrop to your post.

Then in your original post, discuss your reaction to the study findings and draw from material studied thus far in MGT510 to expand or support your reaction and discussion. You are concentrating on the resultsof the study and the implications put forth by the researchers.

When commenting on other students’ posts, offer any supporting or opposing views and be sure to substantiate your position with citations from credible sources.

Please make sure that your discussions are substantive in content. This means that your initial posting should be several paragraphs, and your follow up posts should be at LEAST a paragraph in length. Because we are looking for QUALITY and furthering the discussions, it is important that you are substantive in your responses. You want to be sure, as well, that any sources used in your discussion are reliable, as some of the information from the internet can be unreliable or biased. A great technique to use to ensure reliable sources is to use the Library and search the peer-reviewed journals.

Add your references too in APA style

The assignment is two parts

?Part1 to write about the above

?Part 2 is after submitting part 1?we will have 2 discussions to reply on ?so its 2 replies each reply 150 words ?i will send the 2 replies after submitting part one ?same as previous assignment and with the same expert ? Marvin Karlins



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