Business Report

Business Report

This assignment contains three different questions. I would like to have a general introduction at the beginning of the report and a general conclusion at the end of report.

1. Analyze the structure of the car industry in a country of your choice, making use of suitable data to illustrate your analysis. Discuss the implications for firms and consumers of the competitive structure of the industry. Identify and discuss any government policy (Tax , interest rate, etc..) that affects the industry, identifying reasons why the policy exists and implications for firms (note: these policies may apply to many industries not only to the chosen industry). Use tables and charts.
Hint from my lecturer:

? Competitive or uncompetitive industry
? Level of competition
? Data, Market share
? Legislation
? Environment restriction
? Apply two trade theory.

Click to access 2015-Auto-Industry-Jobs-Report.pdf

Click to access oligopoly.pdf
Note: I have added these links because it might be helpful for you for Q1.
2. Part two is attached in a different file.

3. Discuss the entry modes and ownership strategies organizations should adopt to enter the industry in the three selected countries. You should illustrate and justify your answers using relevant frameworks and theories you are familiar with such as:

? A comprehensive model of foreign market entries
? Gradual vs. Strategic Goals approach
? How to enter (exporting, Licensing, Franchising, Joint venture, Wholly Owned Ventures,
? Strategic Alliances
? Mergers & Acquisitions
? Uppsala Model
? The Network Model
? Transaction-cost Economics theory (TCE)
? Ownership advantages, Locational advantages and Internalisation advantages (OLI Model)

I know that some countries have that countrys? cars. Explain which ownership strategies are applied in that country is it useful or cars company should use different ownership strategies. Did they enter that market at the right time?( if they have entered it?) Dicuss the location advantage
For Q1 choose the USA car industry
For Q2 choose Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia
For Q3 you will still choose same Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia
Please not Do not explain the theory, you need to apply it if it?s applicable.

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