business record case report

1. The business case u need to finish is AMES, the details about it is in the attached file, which is named “business case”. The number of the case is “K”. And the relevant material I also provided to u, which is named file one and file two.
2. All the useful and relevant material I have provided to u, all in the attached file, plz read them.
3. It is a report, the structure I have provided to u in the attached file, which is named “report structure”. And it is just a draft of the report, but it is almost there. If the professor have any new requirements, i would contact u. Plz keep an eye on the message box
4. U need to finish every parts in the report structure.
5. In the attached file, there r three documents, named A, B, C. Which is refer to the 2, 3, 4 parts in the reports. It will be useful for u to finish those three parts. So plz read carefully about them
6. plz offer me an outline followed the “report structure” in the first two days. It means u need to give a summary for each parts follow the report structure.To finish the outline for the report, u just have 2 days. But for the whole report, u have 10 days. Because it is a group work, we need to tell the professor about our process. So, plz do that.
7. The word limits for this report is at least 7150 words, and reference is at least 15
8. If u have any problems about the report structure, u could refer to the assignment specification. Even u could leave me a message
9. For the overall of the report, u need to refer to ISO, like ISO 15489 and ISO 16175.
10. Also, u need to add the ISO into the reference list, like this: Organization International for Normalization. (2001). ISO 15489-1 Information and Documentation, Records Management: Part 1: General. ISO.
11. Finally, u must add necessary tables, charts and illustrations in the report. And u must have something in appendix.
12. Don’t care too much about the word limits in the specification, but the requirement is 7150 words

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