Business Model Evaluation: Haier Group

Haier Group is one of the most successful home application companies in the world. Why this Chinese firm could be the leading firm in the household goods industry around the world? Their company strategy and business model are the most two important factors. However, in order to be competitiveness in this industry, the business model is significant important. Haier has being through the revolution of business model as other companies. This report will compare its innovation of business models from 2011 to 2012. In one year, this firm has moved to a new level is due to they has developed a new business model that is incremental to its traditional business model. The core product shown in this innovation is Haier Cloud smart TV. This is quite different from their traditional TV. From three dimensions, their target customers are different, and the customer experiences are different. What is more, the ways the both models providing customer value are different. The innovation of Haier’s business model can be seem as incremental but not radical. It is developed based on existing model but enhance it to a new platform—Cloud.

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