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Research Paper:
Students will be required to write a research paper for the course. The research paper, which should not exceed 15 type-written pages, will be on a topic in the syllabus. The research paper will include an application of the knowledge to a particular developing country of your choice. In addition to writing the paper, students will be required to make an oral presentation at the last day of class.

• The paper should be neatly word-processed and must not exceed 15 pages, including references and appendices (12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margin). An additional cover page should include the title of the paper as well as your name and ID number.
• The research paper should follow a consistent style and, I would recommend, you follow the style of Journal of Economic Perspectives.
• The paper should be logically organized, clearly expressed, and properly edited before submission.
• Each student will make a short presentation in the class, to be followed by class discussions. Participation in these discussions is mandatory and is part of the class-participation component of the grade.
Outsourcing Case of India
We will not be focusing in a specific product or service but it will be in outsourcing in general, then take a case of industrial countries outsource in India (why India? what product or service? Advantage and disadvantage for India? Challenges?….ect) it should be in economics language and using numbers and data and graph
1. Introduction
2. Outsourcing Background
3. Outsourcing Methods
4. Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages
5. Outsourcing Challenges
6. Conclusion

This is a draft outline but you can add more points.
Each point should have a separate section in the paper.
You have to include some tables and graphs.

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