Business Management Combined Assignment

Business Management Combined Assignment: 3 Tasks consisting 2 papers + 1 presentation

Requirement: zero plagiarism, work contents MUST include all topics / pointers given on the right column as shown in the attachments.

Assume that you are the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Manager with responsibility for International marketing of a selected organisation. You have been asked to prepare a report to explain the role of international marketing to other managers in your organisation.

Task 1

 Explain why firms develop international marketing, and prepare a PESTEL analysis of a chosen foreign market for identified products/services.

 Generate ideas for an innovative product or service. Focus on the following key steps:

Idea generation, opportunity evaluation with SWOT analysis

Market research for the new idea and new product/service planning

 Devise an outline marketing plan for a foreign market. Your plan should include your objectives, the marketing mix, and consideration of relevant ethical and environmental issues.

International Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Task 2

 Evaluate international marketing research techniques for a chosen market, and explain methods your choice of for entering that market. Your response should show consideration of:

The choice of distribution channels for export of identified products/services

Analysis of how foreign investment decisions are made.

 Identify, then evaluate a target market for the new product (see task 1) and select an appropriate market segment.

 Construct a sound business proposal for the new product/service.

 Individually, or in groups, prepare and deliver a presentation for a business pitch for the new product/service.


Task 3

 Carry out an environmental audit of a selected organisation and evaluate its strategic position, using PESTEL and 5 Forces analyses.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Assignment Word Count

Task 1 1500 words

Task 2 Presentation, with notes, maximum 20 slides

Task 3 1000 words

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