BUS80018 Assignment Three Marking Guide

BUS80018 Assignment Three Marking Guide
Scoring Key:
Part 1: Data Analysis
Identification of nature of analysis (i.e., inductive or deductive)
Linking of nature of analysis to research question(s) and methods of data collection
Development of first level appropriate coding (e.g., descriptive codes)
Development of second level codes (e.g., interpretive, pattern codes etc)
Identification of major themes
Use of data display, tables, mind maps, coding maps, analytic memoing (as appropriate)
Discussion and incorporation of references used to guide analysis
Part 3: Writing
Appropriate choice of narrative or case study
Succinct discussion and presentation of the data
Discussion of how the data answers the research question
Clear discussion of the major findings
Raw data incorporated into the narrative/case
Logical structure that is easy to follow
Text that communicates clearly and succinctly
References (where appropriate)
Student Name: Grade:
Marker: Melanie Bryant

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