Briefing agency Template of waitrose supermarket Subject market communicaion

Briefing agency Template of waitrose supermarket Subject market communicaion

This is an individual assessment task, worth 20% of total marks for this module. 1,000 Words. It is an alternative individual assessment for those students who failed the group presentation.

Using the Agency Briefing Template (Fill 2011, p172), complete an agency briefing document for the relevant supermarket brand from your original group presentation assignment. In other words, if your presentation was on Sainsbury’s, then your briefing document must be for Sainsbury’s.

You should use your original analysis of the brand and evaluation of its current marketing communications in order to provide a brief for future marketing communications. Follow the headings exactly from the template. You may omit the first and last sections – Project Management and Approvals – as this is information you would not be expected to know. Therefore, the sections you must complete are:

Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
What are we doing to get there?
Who do we need to talk to?
How will we know if we have arrived?
Full details of the Agency Briefing Template can be found in Fill (2011, p172) and in the above link.

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