Bicultural Phobia and Multicultural Phobia: “Hotel Rwanda”

The titled “Hotel Rwanda” was a play that represented a true story that happened in Rwanda (Africa) couple of decades ago. Hotel Rwanda is a movie that reflected the true event of ethnic conflict, between two rival communities, the Hutu and the Tutsi. These two tribal groups were the major ethical composition in the country at the time of the conflict. In this regard, there existed a simmering enmity between the once happy and united communities, which flared up in a span of four months, leading to death, displacement, rape, and similar crimes against humanity. The enmity began with scrambling for the available resources, before deteriorating into a rivalry base furthered by a desire to control the resources. Needless to state, this enmity was fuelled in part by bad leadership that triggered strong hatred between the two communities leading to the eventual full scale ethnic cleansing[i].


[i] Jimgoldenstein, “Hotel Rwanda”, you tube video, 01:32:04, (accessed 2009).


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