Bachelors of Nursing Capstone Project Examples

Good Bachelors of Nursing Capstone Project Examples

Nothing is exciting than completing your nursing course by doing excellent in your capstone project. Completing is an achievement that shows that you can use your skills, knowledge, and experience got in your course to solve problems. For a student to complete the capstone project, they must be able to provide effective leadership in their research, identify and evaluate the problem and give proper and detailed solutions to the problem. Let me give you some bachelor of nursing capstone project examples that you can write on;

  1. Increasing the Number of Nurses in Hospitals

As a nursing student, you are aware that the health care centers and hospitals usually face shortages of regarding labor force. In case you pick this as your capstone project, you have to look at the causes of few staff members in most hospitals like the working environment, work relationship, leadership in the hospital, no team support to ensure convenient schedules and low employment rates. You should also come up with the measures to correct this problem like employing nurses, improving the living standards, paying them hardship allowances to motivate them,

  1. Initiating Disaster Drill Procedures

You cannot evade a disaster, and thus we should be prepared all the time. With the increased terrorism and catastrophic occurrences, this is one of the bachelors of nursing capstone project examples to handle. With this entire crisis at hand, each medical clinic should have a disaster drill in place. When writing on this project, you should create a drilling procedure for the facility around you and provide a plan on the floor, the staff, and patients in case of a disaster. You should also give a comprehensive guideline of a set of applicable and well-elaborated movements in the event of an inevitable disaster like an attack. You should also ensure the facility has some of the tools which to use in disaster management like fire extinguishers which are functioning and are adequate.

  1. The Adoption and Adaption of Technology

This is one of bachelor of nursing capstone project examples which should be written, and measures were given to ensure that all our hospitals embrace technology. Although some hospitals have adopted technology others are still using manual means to keep records.You should start by informing them the importance of using electronic record keeping machines. You should use this capstone to solve the issues by focusing on those hospitals located in rural areas, lack funds to purchase devices and also the lack of computer skills by the nursing staff. You must give them solution like using an alternative source of power like generators, training the staff on computer skills and also implementing funding processes.

The above examples of capstone ideas are just a highlight of what you should write in our ideas. You can also look for more ideas from the pressing issues or problems arising in the health sector and come up with solutions to help improve our health sector.


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