Augustine and Aquinas and Aristotle


Here are two questions for this assignment. Please do feel free to use your imagination on the first.

1. If Augustine could have changed Plato’s ideal polis to make it resemble The City of God, how do you think he would have done so? Minimum/Maximum 150-200 words.

2. How does Aquinas reconcile Aristotle’s view of reason with his Christian beliefs in an all-powerful God? What is the significance of this for politics and the citizens? Minimum/Maximum 150-200 words.

Be sure to utilize and properly cite (both in text and in a bibliography) the following sources in Chicago format:

1. Medieval Timeline…s/timeline/matimeline.html

2.Augustine’s Political Philosophy,…


1. Background: Historical Context, Augustinian Political “Theory,” The Augustinian World View

5. Philosophical Anthropology: Recommended

6. Psychology and Epistemology

3.Aquinas’s Political Philosophy


1. Natural Law

2. The Political Nature of Man

3. Human Legislation

4. The Requirements of Justice

5. The Limitations of Politics

4. Aquinas: Life and the Three Summas parts on God, Ethics, Christ


1. Augustine City of God: Short piece on “City of God”

2. A modest reading of Aquinas : Read Sections on Natural and

Human law


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