Attitudes to Ageing

Attitudes to Ageing
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Essay (worth 25% of the total marks) You are required to write an essay on the following:
The Government wants to conduct a survey to assess the UK population’s attitudes to older adults and ageing. With reference to research publications, critically examine how this survey might be conducted to get an accurate assessment. Include in this examination consideration of how there might be differing types of attitudes dependent upon assessment method and the nature of the specific topics being examined.
Word limit is 1500 words.

Stuart-Hamilton, I. (2012) The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction 5th edition London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
NB: There is a more recent publication of mine called Introduction to The Psychology of Ageing for Non-Specialists (also soon to be available as an audiobook). Do NOT buy this one – it is basically the same text, but abridged for non-specialists and is too basic for this module.

Rabbitt, P. (2014) The Aging Mind: A User’s Manual London: Routledge. This is superbly readable and strongly recommended for the cognitive sections of the module. However, it has practically nothing on the more social aspects of the psychology of ageing.
Stuart-Hamilton, I. (ed) (2011) An Introduction to Gerontology Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
Coleman, P. and O’Hanlon, A. (2004) Ageing and Human Development London: Arnold [NB: a 2nd edition of this might become available this academic year]

These are solely intended as guides. Further reading may be made available on Blackboard. Students should also use primary source materials, and are expected to find books and other reading materials of their own volition.

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