Construct Figure 18.44 in Multisim with Vi(t) set to the pulse train as below.


  1. Run simulation to perform Fourier and Transient Analysis to measure the output voltage ‘Vc(t)’.
    1. Record the voltage ‘Vc(t)’ and the current ‘I’ through the capacitor in the table below.
    2. Take the screen capture for the measurements for ‘Vc(t)’ and line spectrum from Fourier analysis.
  2. Add 5% tolerances to resistor and inductor and repeat step 3.
  Measured ‘Vc (t)’ Measured current ‘I’
Without Tolerances    
With Tolerances    
  1. Answer the following questions:
    1. Explain the effect of tolerance on output voltage ‘Vc(t)’.
    2. Identify the frequencies and trace the frequency spectrum for the voltage ‘Vc(t)’.
    3. How does tolerance effect the frequencies in the spectrum and the output voltage? Explain with the help of measurement results and screenshots.


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