Astronomy PowerPoint Presentation

Astronomy PowerPoint Presentation

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation in which you discuss life on Earth and the possibilities of extraterrestrial life in our solar system. Include the following elements:

  • Describe the properties of life on Earth.
  • Explain the theories for the genesis of life.
  • Explain the theory of natural selection.
  • Briefly describe the evolution of life over the last 3 billion years.
  • Assess the possibilities of extraterrestrial life in the universe.
  • Discuss humanity’s search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Use at least three outside sources.

Format your sources consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Present your findings to the class.

  • These are Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations with speaker notes.  Write your speaker notes as if you were reading them for your presentation.

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